Undoubtedly, in order for the garden to be beautiful not only during the day but also in the evening, we must make sure it is well lit. Lighting can be placed in places where the main alleys we pass through can be highlighted or it can be delicately hidden and predispose to romance. When the lighting fixtures are low at the base of the plants, they add mystery and create a mysterious, unobtrusive atmosphere. When placed high above plants and garden furniture, they illuminate more and more space. The best solution is a combination of both. There are various offers on the market for garden lighting - lamps, lanterns, candle holders, glowing pots, decorative torches, freckles and many more. It is important what you choose and how you will arrange it according to your own style and preferences. It is very important to carefully predict the location of the lighting so that it is not too loud, but also good enough to show the beauty of the garden and home.

Here are some suggestions and ideas for how to light your garden: