We present you an extremely artistic and beautiful idea for decoration of pumpkin in technique decoupage.

As we know, for decoupage we need the following materials: base - acrylic paint (or acrylic spray), glue C200, scissors, brush and napkin with beautiful elements. Paint the pumpkin with acrylic paint (or spray) and allow to dry completely. Prepare the details for decoration by carefully cutting with scissors. Separate the bottom two layers of the napkin to keep the top with the image on it. Place the selected image on the pumpkin and apply a layer of diluted C200 on the napkin. So gradually add all the selected elements to form a beautiful composition. Once dry, cover the entire pumpkin with water-based varnish. Varnish 2-3 times, but make sure the previous layer is completely dry. You already have a wonderful, non-standard autumn, winter or spring decoration!

Tip: Pumpkin will last longer (about a year and several months) if you avoid damp rooms. It is advisable to place it on the window in a warm, sunny room.