How To Decouple With Napkins On Wooden Objects.

In this article we will introduce you how to make a beautiful decoupage on a wooden box or box and turn it into a unique, hand-decorated gift for a loved one.

In bookstores and artists' sites, you can find special decoupage materials - glues, mediums for different effects, decoupage paper and more. But here we will show you how to make a beautiful decoupage with affordable means.


Materials needed: wooden box / case, napkins with beautiful motifs of choice, C200 glue, soft brush, scissors, plain napkin, water tank, glue container, lacquer (for wood or water based), acrylic and water paint for retouching and additional decorations.

First, you need to choose a good decoration item and if it is darker in color, you can apply white acrylic paint as a base. If your box is light enough, this is not necessary.

When purchasing napkins specifically for an item that you choose to decorate, you should choose one with the appropriate complementary items and in the same style. Remember that you will need one or two larger motifs to center the composition, and then you will need smaller details. For this, get as many choices as possible from different sized items.

Prepare a solution of C200 and water with airon density to leave no white traces and lighten the image.

Think about which parts of the napkins you will include in the composition and cut or tear them carefully. Since some napkins are three-ply, you will need to separate the bottom two layers and use only the top with the image print. Then arrange and consider your composition in advance. You can start with the lid of the box and place the central large element there. If you still do not have enough confidence, we advise you to cut it into smaller motifs, because when working with large parts, there is a risk of crumpling the napkin. Place the first element on the lid, holding with one hand, and with the other apply a solution of the glue with a soft brush on top with movements from the center to the edges. Smooth the top gently with your finger to remove any air that may remain on the bottom. You should know that on wood untreated with paint or varnish, the napkin is glued almost immediately and any attempts to pull it will lead to tearing of the element. Decorate both sides of the box and let them dry completely so that you can then have a dry base on which to place and continue with the remaining part of the box. In this case, we decorated the side walls with the lid closed, and when the box is completely dry, we made an incision on the napkins at the place of closing.