We present to you a magnificent project of a beautiful one-storey house with an attic, which can be adapted as separate rooms or a single space, arranged according to the views of the owners of the home. The first floor offers the convenience of a spacious living room with L-shaped kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms - separate toilet and large bathroom with tub, shower and WC. One of the bedrooms has a dressing room, and from the same room you can go to a wonderful veranda, which is accessible from the living area. The premises are connected by a L-shaped corridor. Both sides start from the entrance hall, which in turn leads to the garage through a boiler room or service room.

An internal staircase is the connection to the ceiling area, which is illuminated by both a roof and a central window. The ceiling area is large, with the height above 1.80m being around 40sq.m., But together with the areas with smaller height and slopes, it provides a huge space for artistic design decisions.

Internal distribution of the house:

First floor:
1. Entrance hall - 4.78m²; 2. Lobby / Corridor - 13.70m²; 3.Kitchen - 10.29m²; 3. Living room with dining area - 35.77m²; 4. Corridor - 6.37m²; 5. WC - 1.57m²; 6.Bathroom - 7.81m²; 6. Bedroom - 11.36m²; 7. Wardrobe - 4.51m²; 8. Bedroom - 12.82m²; 9. Bedroom - 12.21m²; 10. Boiler room / auxiliary room - 6.48m²; 8. Garage - 19.14m².

Attic attic floor: 37.63m².

Built-up area - 188.72m²
Total area - 231.48m².
Net area - 130.23m². + garage + attic
Useful living area - 123.75m²
Roof area - 300.34m²
Roof angle - 30 °.
The height of the structure - 6,65 m (6,95 m with the foundation)
Cubic capacity - 751 cubic meters.
Width - 16,96 m.
Length - 15,5 m.

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