Garden decorations are the cause of many creative ideas and solutions. Depending on the overall design, a variety of natural materials or finished products may be involved in the arrangement of the yard. The only condition is that they are durable in the open air and fit into the overall design.

As we have already noted in the proposals for "Barrel or barrel furniture" and for "Interior and garden chairs from barrels", the wood of these vessels is very durable and their species is preserved over the years and even refined. Therefore, if you want to build a mini pond in the yard, the current idea may be helpful.

Storm pond

To build a garden decoration like this, you need a sprawling storm and a dose of creativity. Since the wooden vessel itself usually loses its compactness when cut, when it is decided to fill it with water, it is better to cover the inside with insulating foil. Another approach is to put a whole container in the barrel to be a water tank, and the boards to be just a decorative crust. Most impressive is the option of connecting several different vessels in a pond system. Continuous circulation of water can be ensured by means of overflows and a pump. Choosing the right plant species and even fish will turn such a group of docked vessels into an independent ecosystem. However, this requires specific knowledge in the selection of all components, which we advise you to consult a specialist. The combination of aquatic plants with those planted in the soil is also a good combination in arranging a garden arrangement with split casks. Every creative idea is applicable, as long as there is desire, patience, preparation and good execution.