Completely green and ghostly, with no echo of human footsteps on its streets. Proof of nature's victory over man is in the abandoned fishing village of Hoto Wan on Goki Island in China. Also referred to as the "Green Ghost Town" tucked away in 400 on Shengxi Island, the settlement may be one of the greenest in the whole world. Photographer Tan Yuhong has managed to capture this small, time-lost city.

It has not been inhabited by people for years. It is supposed to have been abandoned because of its remoteness from the continent. It takes four hours by boat to reach it.

Here the vines and ivy climb mercilessly on the old stone walls and enter through the doors and windows of the neglected buildings. The dense creeping branches have captured every brick while the last bit of the former houses is lost in the evergreen landscape, leaving narrow paths between the houses. For now.