Make your own stool from rope and rubber!

If the decoration of your home allows the use of natural materials and especially of rope, then here we present you a practical and easy-to-implement idea. Making a hemp stool can be relatively easy and will solve your problem with used car tires.

  1. You take out unnecessary tire and cut a round piece of phaser about 4-5 cm smaller than its diameter. The thickness of the phaser must be adapted to the loads to which it will be subjected.
  2. Use the screws to secure it to the tire.
  3. Use a hemp rope and twist it spirally onto the phaser, securing it with warm silicone. Another option is to secure the start of the rope, ie. the center of the spiral, with a tucker or a screw, and apply a strong adhesive to the laser plane before winding the rope.
  4. In the same way you wrap the outside.
  5. If you are very sensitive to the smell of a car tire and have decided to use the future stool only in open spaces - the garden or terrace, then it may not cover its bottom. If you are going to use it for interior decoration, cover with the phaser and the rope on the other side of the tire.
  6. When you are done twisting and fixing the rope, you can apply varnish to the entire surface.
  7. Wait for it to dry and your new original stool is ready!