Amarilis is definitely one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow at home.

This flower looks like a small holiday in a pot - lush, bright, unforgettable. It originates from South Africa, and because of this it proves that it is really a little miracle not only because of its beauty, but also because of its durability - amaryllis is very resistant to extreme heat and really severe conditions. Its leaves are banded, fleshy and dark green. The flowers are large and trumpet-shaped, they can be painted in both soft white and passionate red. Other colors in which you can see this plant are orange, pink, bright cyclamen, as well as variegated in various colors, located on stripes or frills.

It is definitely worth bringing this beauty home. Be careful when choosing, however, because amaryllis is very common, also presented under the name hypeastrum. It is important to specify that these are two different plants that belong to the same family - Kokichevi.

Mandatory conditions for the cultivation of amaryllis

Temperature - summer not higher than 25 degrees, winter not lower than 5-6 degrees
Light - strong, but distracted, not directly sunny
Water - first watered a little - very moderately, after the appearance of the leaves watered about once a week, relatively abundant - best - at the bottom of the bowl
Fertilizing - at the beginning of flowering it is recommended to fertilize once a week - prefers humus-rich soil
Transplanting - can be done once every 3-4 years after flowering. You must be very careful not to damage the fragile roots of the bulb. And two more important conditions - the pot should be deep, as necessarily at the bottom and you should put a drainage layer, because amaryllis does not tolerate excessive moisture.
Rest period - lasts about two or three months - by September watering is reduced and when the leaves dry out, it stops completely. In order not to kill the bulbs, water moderately from time to time. Store in the dark at a temperature of about 10-15 degrees

If you comply with these conditions, you will have just as magically beautiful a flower as the one in the photo. From my own observations, I can only add that it is a better option to leave the amaryllis 'thirsty' than to flood it. However, let's not forget that it comes from hot Africa, and its bulbs are known as one of the most durable. Therefore, for those of you who do not care much about home flower gardening, this is the perfect plant.