This is a wonderful project of an artistic, yet extremely functional and practical three-bedroom house, large and light in volume of the living area, as well as an extensive attic level for adaptation. The layout of the main floor offers the amenities of a spacious living room with a kitchen area, three bedrooms with two bathrooms and one private toilet. The home also has a garage, boiler room and other utility rooms, as well as a spacious veranda to a magnificent backyard. A staircase from the central part of the house leads to the attic level, where an open area of ​​over 110sq.m., 55sq.m is left open. of which they are normally usable for adaptation to the views of farmers.

Internal distribution of the house:
1. Entrance hall - 5.05m²; 2. Lobby and staircase - 5,90 m3; 30,84. Living room with dining area - 4 m13.01; 5.Kitchen - 2.26m²; 6.Dishwashing / Washing - 2.41m²; 7. Warehouse / Closet - 1.80m²; 8. WC - 6,80m²; 9. Corridor - 16.09 m10; 4.12. Bedroom - 11m²; 6.10.Bathroom - 12m²; 13,02.Bathroom - 13m²; 12.02. Bedroom - 14 m6.39; 15. Bedroom - 20.26m²; XNUMX. Boiler room / storage room - XNUMXm²; XNUMX. Garage - XNUMXm².

Additionally: Porch and terrace- 54.87m²

Roof area for adaptation:
Total - 113m²
Usable - 55.07m²

Living space: 119.4m²;
Total building area: 189.1m²;
Garage: 20.26m²;
House Height: 8m
House width: 14.8m
House Length: 17.3m
Cubic capacity: 536m³
Roof slope: 30 °

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