There are a number of ways to make garden benches, but the ones around the trees are some of the most impressive and beautiful. Although relatively complex, it will bring you great pride and satisfaction when completed. If you have a desire, but do not have a garden or a large enough tree in it, you can construct this beautiful and useful garden furniture for public use and engrave your name. The most important things are: where it will be built and from what material (size, shape, strength, etc.). Once you are clear about these two issues, you can now start planning. Remember that good preparation leads to a quality result! Measure the diameter of the tree, about 40-50 cm from the ground, using a string. Draw it on paper or computer at a convenient scale - this is the basis of your project work. Depending on the distance you want to have between the tree trunk and the backrest or the innermost part of your bench, form a second, outer circle. It is recommended that the minimum distance between the two circles be at least 20 cm. Then choose the shape and width of the polygon depending on the intended material, type of joints, distances and more.
The bench idea shown here provides a simplified construction in which the basic support and support function is taken up by the feet, but you can choose another one. Examine every detail you think is significant. If you do not have a good spatial view, ask a friend or acquaintance for help. The same applies to the installation phase. If you plan to use exotic or expensive material, we recommend that you build the basic structure of the most ordinary laths and boards, before working on the material.
Once the drawing is ready you need to go into details - describe each detail in the appropriate scale and make a list. Take into account the fact that it is most effective to assemble the elements, which are then joined around the tree. When you have a clear idea of ​​what your bench will look like, you can start cutting the material, and then arrange the seat boards in one plane and make sure that everything is in order. Assemble the legs of the bench, as we said above, they will be the connecting and supporting detail. Depending on the shape, start assembling the relevant elements. Prepare the terrain around the tree - level and level or dig at the same depth. A pedestal of tiles or decorative ceramics can be placed or the legs can be dug. Connect the finished details and add the decorative elements and / or the backrest. If necessary, paint and varnish.
Your garden bench is ready to give moments of joy and serenity.