A magnificent project of a one-storey house with 3 bedrooms and a double garage, providing an extremely functional interior layout is presented in the following lines. On a total built-up area of ​​nearly 230 square meters and useful living space of nearly 140 square meters. are located bright and spacious living room with kitchen area, which has direct access to a neat porch in the backyard. The kitchen has a closet, and the dining room is open to the lobby, which leads into a corridor to the other rooms in the house. The three bedrooms are served by two bathrooms with toilets and a small, private bathroom located between the entrance hall and the door to the boiler room, which is a warm connection between the house and the garage. The garage is large and provides the opportunity to park two family cars.

The area around the house is stylishly decorated, with clean lines, and the bright facade is complemented by stone cladding and contrasts with the dark roofed roof, but harmonizes with the decking platforms in the yard. The overall vision of this beautiful single-storey house creates a genuine sense of style in a cozy environment.

Internal allocation:
1. entrance hall - 5.5 m2; 19.5. foyer with corridor + wardrobe -3m²; 2.1.wc - 4m²; 12.7th room - 5m²; 6.5. bath - 6 m16.1; 7. standing - 17.4m²; 8. standing - 3.2m²; 9. wardrobe - 3.9m²; 10.bathroom - 36.4m²; 11. everyday room + dining room - 12.5m²; 12.kitchen - 2.8m²; XNUMX.killer - XNUMXm²
13. boiler room - 7.7m²; 14. double garage - 36.2 mXNUMX

Total: 182.50m²

Total usable living area: 138.6m²
Building height: 7m²
Building area: 228m²
Volume: 395m³
Roof angle: 25 °
Roof area: 332m²

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