The presented project of a one-storey house with three bedrooms and a double garage provides everything that a normal family needs in order to feel comfortable and comfortable. On a built-up area of ​​more than 200 square meters and a useful living space of about 120, there are functionally interconnected household and service premises. The entrance hall is connected with the living room, through the lobby, which goes into the corridor to the bedrooms, and with the garage and boiler room, through a transitional service room. The kitchen is bright, U-shaped and open to the rest of the living room, and on the opposite side it opens onto a neat patio in the backyard. A corridor from the central part of the home leads to the large bathroom with toilet and all three bedrooms.

Internal distribution of the house:

1. Entrance hall - 4.54m²; 2. Corridor - 15.21m²; 3. Kitchen - 8.11m²; 4. Living room with dining area - 32.84m²; 5.Bathroom - 5.61m²; 6. Room - 14.68m²; 7. Room - 14.67m²; 8. Room - 18.08m²; 9. Wardrobe - 4.59m²; 10.Killer - 3.30m²; 11. Boiler room - 5.45m²; 12. Double garage - 35.43m².

Living space: 117.66m²
+ garage: 35.43m²
+ boiler room: 5.45m²

Built-up area: 214.62m²
Cubic capacity: 428.00m³
Building height: 7.82m
Main roof angle: 30 °

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