For most of us, the appearance of our child is the most exciting and significant event in our lives. Preparing a room for the little man precedes this and brings us additional emotions, and only pleasant ones. We usually think and try many times more than for any other part of the home, especially if we are expecting our first child. And this is quite justified. The baby room is the first of the many children's rooms that we will organize and furnish for our child in the process of his growth. It should be the brightest and warmest room in the house. We often choose colors according to the baby's gender, but this is far from mandatory. We should not forget that the mother will be a regular occupant of the room, so we must take care of her comfort and convenience. It is good for the children's room to be close to the master bedroom. When choosing furniture for a baby's room, it is important to pay attention not only to their beautiful appearance but also to their safety and functionality - no sharp edges, rough fabrics and surfaces, to be made of natural materials. Curtains or blinds should be made of light fabrics that do not retain dust and can be cleaned frequently and quickly. Lighting is important - to have plenty of light when needed and the ability to dim it in the evening when the child falls asleep. These are things we can think about and do in advance, and when the baby comes to be ready for daily worries and problems. At first glance, everything seems complicated and even a little scary, but we must not forget that the most important thing is to be calm and raise your child with love and patience!

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