How to make a delicious and very fast pizza that everyone loves if we don't have dough, but we have dry bread that nobody likes. This is a very easy endeavor with a small number of products. As with the classic pizza, in this "bread" version, dozens of different flavors can be used to garnish the same base. We will offer you an option with sausage, peppers and yellow cheese flavored with a pinch of dried onion, pepper and basil, sufficient for two portions.

Necessary products:

Fast, easy and delicious bread pizza

Several slices of dry bread - in this case 7 pcs. for a toaster
100-120 ml. tomato juice (or tomato paste)
40-50 ml. oil or olive oil
1-2 eggs
Optional 100 grilled sausage
1 large, chopped cap
100 gr
Salt, pepper, onion and basil to taste

Method of preparation:

Cut the slices of slices of dry bread and arrange them tightly together in a baking tray. They have to cover the whole bottom of the container. In this case, the 6 is whole and one is split. In a bowl, beat the tomato juice, oil and eggs. They are necessary for baking the bread medium. The density and taste of this fill is determined by the dryness and thickness of the bread and your personal preferences. Taste, stir, and pour over stacked slices. Leave it for a while to drink well. If you are not sure about the ratio, you can bake this makeshift swamp in a few minutes as well as arrange the other ingredients directly on top. Put in a preheated 220 ° C oven until crispy. Serve with optional sauce.