This classic project of a practical wooden house with three bedrooms, a beautiful garden and a pool in the backyard, demonstrates how an area of ​​about 100 square meters. a functional detached house on one floor can be built. The internal layout of the house can be divided into two halves - living room and bedroom, one of which has a living room with dining area and kitchen with closet, and the other has three bedrooms and a large bathroom with toilet. From the entrance hall you can enter a small, separate toilet, while the living room leads to a beautiful terrace in front of the pool in the backyard.

The facade of the house is white, with red brick decorations in the foundations and a roof structure in the same range. The windows are dark, and the richly arranged windows and beautiful garden create the overall picture of harmony and coziness.

Internal distribution of the house:
1. entrance hall - 4.8m²; 2. toilet - 1.6 m3; 7.5. foyer / entrance hall - 4 m10.6; 5. bedroom - 13.1m²; 6. bedroom - 16.1m²; 7. bedroom - 8.3m²; 8.bath - 27.5m²; 9. everyday - 7.5m²; 10. kitchen - 1.3m²; XNUMX.killer - XNUMXm².

Built-up Area: 117m²
Living space: 98.7m²
Ridge height: 5.1m
Roof slope: 22 °

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