We present you a beautiful house with attic and 4 bedrooms, which also has a double garage and a room above it. It is left to accommodate the needs of homeowners. The layout is functional, with a living room with a kitchen, a closet and one bedroom on the first floor. There is also a large wet room, which is conditionally separated by a bathroom wall with toilet and laundry area. Under the attic stairs is the door to and from the garage. It is for two cars and it also has a separate boiler room. From the boiler room goes out into the backyard, and the same can be done from the living room, the approach from there is through a lovely terrace.

The staircase to the second floor leads first to an intermediate platform, from which you can enter the space above the garage. There can be formed an office, gym, rest room or games, as well as to realize any other idea that needs an indoor area. Then the stairs go up to the lobby of the attic floor, around which are situated three bedrooms - small, medium and large, as well as a bathroom with toilet.

The yard is stylishly decorated with ryegrass and evergreen shrubs, as well as with various deciduous tree vegetation. The roof is dark with gray-blue shades and the façade is white, with partial siding decorations, which makes the home another representative of beautiful gardens.

Internal distribution of the house:
First floor:
1st entrance - 4,75m²; 2.killer - 1,62m²; 3. kitchen - 8,14 m4; 29.81. living room + dining room - 5m²; 16.62. corridor + staircase - 6 m6.34; 7.bathroom - 4.75m² 8.washing room - 10.02m²; 9. boiler room - 11.74m²; 10.room / bedroom - 38.22m²; 11. double garage - 16.74 mXNUMX; XNUMX.terrace - XNUMXm²

Attic floor:
1. staircase + entrance hall - 11.84m² (11.84m²); 2.room / bedroom - 6.56m² (13.60m²); 3.room / bedroom - 17.98m² (21.71m²); 4.room / bedroom - 14.28m² (22.16m²); 5. attic for adaptation - 29.41m²; 6.bathroom - 5.44m² (11,35m²)

Living space: 139.87m²
Net area: 242.08m²
Building height: 8.59m

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