Borovets, known until the middle of the 20th century as Chamkoria, is the first mountain resort in Bulgaria and the Balkans. Its history begins in 1896, when the Bulgarian monarch - Prince Ferdinand, built his summer residence here and several hunting lodges. After the Prince many aristocrats and wealthy families from Sofia began to build villas for summer holidays.

During the 60 and 70 years of the last century, the resort grew as the largest winter sports center in the Balkans - ski lifts and ski lifts were built, a number of runways were built, and numerous Alpine-style hotels were being built. the French Les Arcs resort in Savoie, French Alps, also planned and built in the late 1960 and early 1970 years.

Today Borovets is a year-round, modern resort with a superb network of ski slopes and lifts, comfortable hotels, various restaurants and bars and countless opportunities for active activities and entertainment.

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