Isola Madre (Italian: Isola Madre - Mother's Island, Mother's Island) is one of the largest in the Borromean archipelago in the second largest lake in Italy - Lago Maggiore (Italian - Lago Maggiore or Lago Verbàno from Latin Lacus Verbanus). Rear with Isola Bella (It- Isola Bella), they are a kind of short of a world of unreal beauty combined in breathtaking colors and shapes.
Designed under the banner of the Boromeo family, Isola Madre is home to an amazing botanical garden. Through 1501-1502y. Lancelotto Borromeo (Lancillotto Borromeo) begins the gradual cultivation of the environment by planting citrus fruits brought from Liguria, as well as a gardener to look after them. The construction of a family residence is also one of the reasons for the island's development to its impressive present day.