Having repeatedly touched upon the subject of making garden pots and flower beds of concrete blocks, in the following lines we will turn to the possible variants for artistic decoration on them. Concrete blocks are usually a remnant of certain construction activities and like many other materials, such as pieces of colored ceramics, terracotta, gypsum or similar brazing mixtures, others. Tens and even hundreds of unnecessary colored details such as beads, glass, decorative pebbles, etc. can be found individually in any home. Therefore, if you decide to make a pot or flowerbed of concrete blocks, it can, with little time and effort, turn the gray base into a colorful fairy tale.

There are many different approaches to implementing such an idea. One of the most commonly used is through the use of ceramic pieces of tile to create a mosaic. Of course, this endeavor has its specifics, because depending on the attention to detail, the concrete block can be lined with large colored pieces or a composition of a specific shape, elements, colors, etc. can be sought.
The decoration of concrete with different materials is, in its essence, a decoration pattern that cannot be covered by the words, because the possible variants are thousands. That is why we will leave this part to the individual imagination of each of you.