The carts are forgotten, for most of humanity, a means of transportation, but the memory of the spinning wheels is alive in the minds of many, and the possibilities for garden decorations are plentiful. We have already shown ideas for furniture and decorations with cart wheels , but here's a new look at how they might be used. Set horizontally on the ground, the wheels form a circle with dividers, which can be used successfully in creating miniature gardens with ornamental plants, spices, herbs, flowers.

Separation of separate small beds allows separation of species, soil required for everyone, watering, fertilizing and more. A number of aids for arrangement and refinement can be used, depending on the needs of the particular plants.

This idea can be further developed and implemented on a larger scale, while maintaining the form and using different materials and approaches for construction, such as through making beds for plants of wood or other material and the separation of separate areas.