It is an easy-to-carry, yet very impressive table decoration, symbolizing the abundance of nature.All you need is a ceramic cup and saucer, fork or spoon (thick wire, tin plate or the like would also do the job), warm silicone and optional decorations.

A glass of colorful abundance

Method of production:

Bend the fork or link selected as shown in the pictures. With a hard object, scratch the glossy cover of the cup and plate in the areas of future adhesion. Using copious amounts of warm silicone, which is applied step by step, while waiting for the previous layer to harden, connect the cup and the dish through the fork. If necessary, place a balancing weight in the plate. Allow it to cool completely and make your unique decoration using custom decoration items as needed. For the base of a flower garden you can put moss and grass and attach flowers to them. For Easter decoration, use decorated empty shells of eggs, twigs, flowers and other symbols for this holiday and spring.

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