The presented project of a classic one-storey house with a garage combines simplicity and charm. Without excessive pretentiousness or impressive shapes and volumes, the simple combination of white facade, stone cladding, red roof and French windows with shutters, creates a fabulous feeling of comfort and coziness in a rural environment. Of course, the beautiful garden, the fireplace on the porch and other details complement this feeling. The interior of the house is in complete harmony with the external radiation - from the entrance hall to the L-shaped living room forward, and a corridor on the right leads to two bedrooms, a large bathroom with toilet, service storage and / or boiler room and another separate toilet.

To the left is the kitchen area, which has a closet and is partially separated from the dining area. From the latter one can enter a transitional room overlooking the backyard, which can be used as a study, library or bedroom, if needed one more. This room, as well as the living room, and one of the other two bedrooms have direct access to the large terrace and veranda with pergola.

The garage is a self-contained structure and has no warm connection to the house, but on the other hand it is large and offers enough covered usable space.

Internal allocation:
1. entrance hall - 3.7m²; 2.killer - 2.6m²; - 17.35m²; 4. dining room - 11.7m²; 5. room / office - 14.95m²; 6. everyday life - 28.11m²; / bedroom - 14.95m²; 8. bath - 6.2 m9; 3.61. storage / boiler room - 10m²; 7.76. corridor - 11m²; 12.5.wc - 12m²; / bedroom - XNUMXm²
13. double garage - 32.95m²

Total: 159.58m²

Total usable living area: 128.63m²
Building height: 7.43m²
Building area: 204.32m²
Roof angle: 30 °
Roof area: 296.30m²

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