Here we will offer you a creative idea for decoration that is suitable for artistic finishing of lighting in the nursery. Relatively easy to implement, these beautiful cotton clouds will please small and large.

There are different approaches to implementing such a project, but there are several key factors. A ready made paper lantern or plastic bottle / tube can be used around or in which a luminous cable is wound. In no case, regardless of the body of the luminaire, no incandescent bulb should be used! Use non-heating LED lighting. If you use a pre-lit LED cable, it may come in different colors. This way you will have colored clouds at the finish. You also need slow-drying adhesive or cold silicone and cotton (medical / cotton wool).

Prepare the luminaire. Apply the adhesive or silicone to multiple points on the surface of the body of your choice and wrap it with a single layer of cotton. Allow it to tighten for about half an hour, then add additional ball layers of cotton with the help of fixing drops to give it a cloud-like appearance. The cotton can be pulled further to make it fluffy. Apply as much cotton as you like to your artistic senses. If you do not get the effect you want with the first attempt, try again. However, you will never find two identical clouds in the sky.