Make your own wooden table from crates - an artistic and unusual idea for the home.

Making furniture from wooden crates or cassettes is relatively easy, because as with pallets, ready-made, machined constructions are used that just fit into your desired shape. To make an interior or garden coffee table, you need four identical wooden crates. It is desirable to use more stable, made of slats with a thickness of at least 5 mm. Arrange them in the shape of a square with the holes on the outside, as shown in the photos, and hold each one to the next with mounting glue or screws. The square obtained in this way is attached to a flat base - a board or a fiberboard. Another option is to use a wooden frame of the same dimensions to which the wheels are mounted. Paint or just varnish and you already have a great coffee table.

If the base of the table is flat, then you can put a tall pot or vase for decoration in the opening. Another interesting idea is to cut a piece of wood the size of the hole to fit inside, about ten centimeters below the level of the top. Decorate the space with colored pebbles, dried flowers and leaves, coins or cork. Optionally, you can cover the table with glass.

Placing on a glass top is recommended if the thickness of the wood from which the crates are made does not give enough stability and they deform under stronger pressure. You can use the side openings to store everything from books and magazines to your favorite needlework. Thus, your new coffee table will hide a pleasant surprise on each side.