In various publications, we have repeatedly touched upon the ideas of painted decorations and flower arrangements with stones in the garden. The truth is that these ideas are an inexhaustible world of original artistic works. Whether it is a single color accent or a whole composition of overflowing tones, a similar way of organizing and decorating exterior spaces is a sign of the personal impression of everyone in the surrounding world. Of course, there are many different items for sale in the yard for sale, but they are not comparable to the creative charge of the unique work. Painted stones or such decorated in decoupage technique, and even simply colored in different tones show how the connection between the unbroken rock hardness and the fleeting beauty of color can be combined in beautiful harmony.

Another approach to creating painted garden decorations is by making molds of plaster or an analogous mixture that are then colored. This is a wonderful example of how gray monotony can turn into a multicolored magic. The idea is identical to the methods already described for Decoration in the garden with colored plaster or cement sponges, Leaf garden pathas well as many similar. In particular, these are snails, which are carriers of one of the most ancient symbols of eternity and transience, life, rebirth, power, light and darkness - the spiral.