The beauty of the flowers, combined with the natural warmth of the tree, is at the heart of this idea of ​​using tree trunks or logs as a basis for planting. Although we have already described similar artistic garden decoration in the article about Flower garden in a log, here we will focus mainly on the vertical positioning of the wooden base. The carved piece of wood is filled with soil and planted. The conflict in this workmanship comes from the vital for the flowers and the moisture for the tree. The more frequent the need for flowers for water, the greater the risk of rotting the trunk. Therefore, there are several basic approaches. In one case, planting is used succulent plants, which store the liquid inside and can therefore live with minimal watering. In the other, a plastic container or nylon coating is placed in the carved wood to protect the wood fibers. Such protection can also be achieved with some varnishes and / or impregnants. And the easiest option is simply to accept the transience of this beauty and to replace it with the appropriate period.