In some previous articles, we showed you how to do it decoupage of empty eggshells, and here we will show you how to decouple your Easter eggs for consumption.
Materials required: boiled eggs (may not be completely chilled), 1 raw egg, napkins with beautiful motifs, soft brush, bottle caps, scissors, small sponge, water or tempera paints, plain napkin.

Easter egg decoupage

First, prepare your harmless glue, which consists of lightly whipped egg whites with sugar. Separate the foam and use the bottom sludge for gluing. Choose napkins with beautiful spring motifs or other images of your choice. Our advice here is to cut them into as small details as possible to avoid creasing the napkin when applying the glue. You can use any eggs for this technique, and we recommend that they be lighter or with white shells to be clear shapes and colors. If you do not have the opportunity to buy white eggs, you can create a white base with diluted tempera or water paint. Apply with a sponge and light tapping movements. Put to dry on bottle caps. Take the desired motif and remove the excess layers of the napkin so that only the top remains with the image print. Place on the egg, holding with one hand, and with the other apply the egg white with a soft brush from the center to the edges. Smooth gently with your fingers and clean the protein around the motif. Decorate one side of all the eggs and place on the lids to dry well. When they are completely dry, glue on the other side, so you can safely place them on their already dry part. In case the napkin is wrinkled during decoration, smooth with a spoon, being careful with the force of the pressure. If desired, you can paint in places with water-based paints or enhance any of the colors of the elements. Finally, apply another layer of protein to shine.

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