In previous articles, we introduced you to this technique, and here we will show you exactly how to decouple Easter eggs.

Required materials for decoupage on empty egg shells: napkin with beautiful motifs optional, C200 glue, empty egg shells, water bowl, soft brush, extra small container for thinning the glue, sticks (you can use wooden grill skewers) , egg caps, white acrylic paint, water based varnish.

Decoction of Easter eggs

It is recommended to do decoupage on a white or light base. White eggs are more expensive and with weaker shells, so we advise you to paint ordinary eggs with white acrylic paint. Apply a little paint with the brush on a flat surface and with the help of a sponge take part of it and apply with tapping movements on the whole shell. Allow the eggs to dry using wooden skewers placed in the holes or driven into the crust. Once they are completely dry, prepare the decorating elements and you can cut or tear them from the napkin. Keep in mind that some napkins are multi-layered and you need to separate and use the top layer - the one with the image print. Prepare a solution of glue and water - not to be too thick, so as not to leave white marks. Carefully consider your composition and the location of the details. Take a cut-out motif, place it on the shell and hold, and with the other hand dip the brush in the diluted glue and apply on the element from the center to the edges. Smooth with your finger so that no air remains under the napkin and the unevenness is smoothed. Be careful, because there is a danger of the napkin tearing if you press too hard or for too long. In order not to keep the egg constantly, you can put it on the bottle cap for a moment. When one side is decorated, place on a stick to dry. Do the same with the other shells. Let them dry completely before continuing on the other side. When all the eggs are ready, examine them carefully; you can choose to paint in places with watercolors. Finally, for shine and freshness, apply a water-based varnish.

The materials you can replace with decoupage Easter eggs for consumption:
Instead of acrylic paint, use diluted tempera or water paints;
Instead of C200 for glue, use whipped egg whites with sugar (on one egg white - one tablespoon of sugar, beat a little and the liquid that will remain under the foam is your glue). They will also get shine from the protein, so it is not necessary to use varnish. Read more >>

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