Decorating eggs for Easter with the help of broccoli is a brilliant idea, literally. Fast and easy to implement, this technique can bring a very sparkling flavor to the festive table. All you need are different types and colors of brocade powder that you can buy from specialist stores and C200. If you intend to use cooked eggs, not empty shells, here you can again replace the glue with lightly broken protein with sugar.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the shell and roll or broach on all sides, then allow to dry completely. Then it is advisable to apply another layer of thinned glue / protein to seal the broccoli.

Decoration of Easter eggs with brocade

Another approach when dealing with brocade dust is to create color compositions. The easiest way is by forming circles with an impression of dry glue sprinkled with brocade.

Easter eggs with broccoli