Do yourself a garden pond!

A wonderful and relatively easy way to create a water corner in the garden! All you need is an old truck, tractor or other type of tire. If you don't hold the circular shape of your pond, you can use any unnecessary frame - old cabinet, bed, wardrobe, etc., on which you must remove the doors and / or any protruding metal parts.

  1. You are digging in the place of your choice for the pond, a hole with the size and shape of the tire or other frame that you choose. The depth should be about ten centimeters less than the width of the tire or frame.
  2. Tap the bottom of the excavated area to avoid sharp cutting edges of pebbles or protruding objects. It can be sanded with a base.
  3. The selected tire / frame is fitted and the top edge should be above the level of the surrounding soil. If you are using a tire, it is a good idea to cut the edge of the tire between the inner and outer diameter of the tire to increase the surface of the future pond.
  4. The enclosure thus obtained is covered with thick polyethylene, making sure that the nylon cover fits freely in depth. Colored polyethylene may be used or, if transparent, a colored textile base may be placed underneath. A two-layer coating is recommended.
  5. The outer end of the nylon is dug into the outside of the resulting shape, and if necessary, the excess part is cut.
  6. On the polyethylene bottom of the pond, pebbles or sand are sprinkled and it is advisable to wash them in advance with fine particles of running water.
  7. The pond thus formed is filled with water and left for 24 hours to ensure that there are no leaks and leaks.
  8. The side edge is covered with larger stones, slabs, clay pieces or other decoration of your choice.
  9. Your pond is ready and you have to decide how to arrange it!