In many different articles, we have addressed the decoupage technique and how to apply it. Here we will focus on pot decoration through this method. Appliques with cut materials on different shapes are a great way to achieve artistic decorations and create copyrighted works. Pots are an extremely fertile ground for such creative pursuits, with their relatively large and even surface allowing for work with different density and structure cut details. The most commonly used material when using this technique is paper, in the form of napkins or special decoupage sheets with beautiful images, but any other cut out material, such as leather, textiles, lace, etc., is acceptable. However, we will emphasize the decoration with paper elements.

Method of production:

In addition to pots you need napkins with beautiful motifs or decoupage paper or other paper details, C200 glue, soft brush, scissors, water tank, glue container, varnish, acrylic paints, additional decorations.
First, apply the acrylic paint on the ceramic base - this will give the image density. The white base is the most commonly used, but if you have another idea any color is suitable. While the pot is drying, think carefully about what the final look will be and arrange the cut details on a white sheet. In this way, you will be able to consider the details and possible obstacles before working on the merits.
Prepare the adhesive solution. Start by placing the cut elements and carefully applying the adhesive layer as described in the ideas for Stone decoupage и Decoupage with a napkin. If you are using denser fabric details then leave them for the last after the entire composition is ready and dry. If necessary, apply adjustments / retouch with acrylic paint and finally varnish.