The beauty of the festive table can be perfectly complemented by various artistically served dishes. Here we will offer you several options for decorating by making ham sausage pieces.

1) Fold in half, a round, thinly sliced ​​piece of ham sausage, and then in three more as an "accordion", as shown.
2) Attach three such pieces with a toothpick. This is the basis for the future figure.
The total number of these items you need is five.
3) Assemble three of them side by side to form three quarters of a circular shape.
Place the other two on top to form a hemisphere.
4) Cut a piece in half and fold it into a funnel - this will be the "nose" of the hedgehog.
5) Decorate with berries, vegetables, herbs.


1) Fold in the shape of a fan a round, thinly sliced ​​piece of ham sausage. Fix it in the lower third with half a piece of toothpick. This is a "butterfly wing". You need four. Wind two other pieces into a tube.
2) Assemble the figure as follows: attach the lower wing to one side of the "butterfly" body tube, and then the upper wing above it.
3) In the same order, add the details on the other side.
4) Cut the second tube into rings. From them make the eyes, antennas and decorative elements on the wings.
5) Place on lettuce and garnish with fruits or sliced ​​vegetables.


1) Insert into a row of 18-20 half folded, thinly sliced ​​pieces of ham sausage.
2) Wrap them in a rotating motion starting from the fold of the first piece.
3) Tie the resulting "bundle" with a fresh onion feather and cut off the rounded edges.
4) Place folded in four 12-14 slices of sausage around the base or use folded in half cut pieces. These will be the lower petals of the flower.
5) Carefully unfold the main "sheets". Decorate your "Chrysanthemum".