In this article we will present you some interesting ideas and video tutorials for decorating furniture in decoupage technique - a beautiful and elegant way to refresh old furniture and turn them into part of the interior of the home. 

Decoupage is the art of decorating objects by gluing colored scraps of paper, fabric or leather, combined with paints for added effect. It can be made on any surface - wood, metal, fabric, as well as on any object or element of furniture: boxes, frames, vases, chairs, tables, cabinets. You will find the necessary materials in the specialized shop for artists or if you do not have one in your locality, you can use the following means: acrylic light base paint; napkin or thin paper with beautiful details; glue C200, diluted with a little water, which serves to glue the cut parts; flat, soft brush - for applying the glue; watercolor or watercolors - for retouching and additional coloring; colorless furniture varnish - used at the end for sealing.


Video tutorials