Here we will present a conceptual design of an apartment of almost 100 sq.m., as one of the rooms, which can be used as a second bedroom or a children's room, at the time of development is provided for a utility room with a wardrobe, ironing area and a desk. An interesting detail is the window in the bathroom, which is a rare motif in apartment construction, but gives the identity and specific radiance of the room. The furnishings are stylish, with different accents being sought in each area, all of which are combined in a common harmonious concept.

1. Entrance hall and corridor - 14.8m²; 2. Kitchen and dining room - 17.7m²; 3.Bathroom - 8.8m²; 4. Bedroom - 18.4m²; 5. Room - 14.8m²;
6.Hall - 23m².

Total area: 97.5m²

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