In various articles with ideas for garden design, we have touched upon the topic of the use of river stones, but here we will try to put them in one of the leading positions in landscape design. Each of the ideas shown is literally difficult to implement, given the considerable mass of the mainstream material, but the effort put into it is well worth it. As the name and origin implies, these rock fragments are connected to the river and this makes them extremely suitable for running garden projects with running water. They are a mandatory component of the construction of garden ponds. Their possible color, shape and size sorting makes them the perfect helper for artistic design of different areas in the yard, including as part of the flooring. Suitable for combining with various other materials, river stones can also find their place as a structural element for fences, walls and more. For those who decided to recreate the rocky alpine relief through construction of alipineum, they can again be the basis and the best helper. With the following ideas, we hope to give you inspiration and impetus for conversion: