The desire to optimize the space in the small kitchen often provokes design solutions with a dining table. Such a solution is appropriate when choosing a place where you can eat quickly without using the entire dining table or save space, and even become a major area for consumption of culinary results of creativity. in the kitchen. The convenience of the countertop is characterized by several main advantages - it can be used as a work area, to be located next to the main work area, to be situated next to a window with a view of the outside, to be used as a bar, to be sized and shape according to space, etc. There is also a certain amount of intimacy in eating at the counter, due to the proximity of those sitting around it, and the direct connection with the place where the magic of cooking takes place. Of course, it also has its shortcomings, but there is no perfection in life, only our striving for it.

Interior Decoration Ideas With Wall and furniture stickers.