This interesting design of a blue and brown toilet conveys, in a non-standard way, this noble color combination in a room where even the royal persons are left alone. The color blue is gray, while the brown is in the darker shades of the range. The use of two tonnes for conditionally dividing the zones is a good solution as long as the bath part is filled with teak wood. Because such designs are expensive to implement, exotic wood elements could be replaced with ceramic imitations. The horizontal recessed wall niche provides ample storage space for various products, both to the bathtub and to the glass shower enclosure.

Gray-blue is the basis of the concept of the toilet area, which is complemented by the whiteness of the faience elements and cabinets. The door is fixed in the range of the bathing part and stands out nicely against the wall. The main illumination is rich and is complemented, moreover, by the wall niche and by the one above the mirror.

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