For the Christmas holidays, everyone is looking for a way to please relatives and friends with an original gift. There is no more wonderful opportunity to show a special attitude through a gift made or decorated by you personally. Here we present you the idea of ​​decoupage of a bottle of wine, which decorated in this way, can be used in the future to store liquids or just to decorate the home as a fond memory.
Method of production:

Choose a nice red or sparkling wine. Soak in water and after a while remove the labels, remembering to keep the information about the variety and harvest. Prepare a napkin with beautiful Christmas motifs. After drying the bottle well, apply a layer of white or beige (depending on the background of the image) base of acrylic paint using a sponge pad. An easier option is to spray the bottle with acrylic spray in a suitable color. We recommend that the napkin be torn into smaller elements to make it easier to stick. Dilute C200 glue with kefir density. Remove the excess layers of the pieces of napkin so that it remains the top with the print of the image. Using a flat soft brush, glue the elements by applying the glue on top, starting from the center and sliding the brush to the edges, removing excess air. Be careful, because after getting wet, the napkin becomes delicate and prone to tearing. Gradually shape your composition. If you wish, you can retouch or add (merge) a background with other colors. Use only acrylic paints for this purpose. When the decoration is completely dry, apply a layer of water-soluble colorless varnish. Once it dries, repeat two or three more times for more shine and better insulation. At the top of the bottle under the neck, tie a beautiful ribbon. Also, this way, you can decorate wine glasses. Bottles and glasses decorated in this way can be washed with water, but the use of a dishwasher is not recommended.

You now have a unique, handmade Christmas gift for your loved ones, loved ones and friends!

Decorated New Year champagne