Easter eggs can be colored in many ways and in a variety of ways, but hand-drawing them with hot wax is one of the pinnacles of artistic expression in this direction. This is an endeavor that requires a great deal of patience, precision, skill. The more beautiful the end result, the more difficult the path to achieving it, and in essence the idea is to hand-draw a pattern on eggs.

Required materials (specialty kits are sold):
Color wax or pencils
Engraving tool - needle, awl, copper wire (copper retains heat and allows longer work), attached to a wooden handle

Method of production:
The eggs may be colored or white. White is a good base, but a lot of care must be taken about contamination. If your eggs are dark you can use the technique for decolorizing Easter eggs before painting or just dip them in vinegar for a few minutes. The wax should be heated to about 65 degrees and maintained at this temperature, after which the needle is immersed in it and painted on the egg. The drawing can be pre-drawn with a pencil for ease or directly drawn on the shell. Immersion of the egg, after creating the painting, in an acid solution (a mixture of water and vinegar) for about one hour, allows even to obtain a relief effect. This method is a way to create images that are works of art. The following video shows how to create these colorful eggs: