In the following lines we will present a classic method for dyeing Easter eggs with cotton. All he needs are eggs, paints for them, cotton and a desire for creativity. The details, as always, are important, but here we will not dwell on them, because everyone must decide for themselves what eggs to work with, how many and how to boil them, what colors to use and what will be their saturation, etc. In this case, we use the most common water-based paints, and the eggs themselves are both white and darker.

First we boil 10-15 eggs, and while they are cooking we dissolve the paints. It is important to note that we work with a small amount of eggs in several portions, because we color them while they are hot. Spread a piece of cotton and drip it with the desired tones of paint, then remove the hot egg, which we drain for a few seconds, then place it on the cotton and wrap. Press well and carefully with your palms so that it is tightly wrapped, and then set it aside to cool, moving on to the next and so on until you are done with the batch, then boil the next ones. When the eggs wrapped in cotton cool down, we develop and glaze them with a cotton swab greased with sunflower oil or other vegetable fat, and then we just arrange and arrange.