In the days around Easter, the spark of creative, artistic spirit ignites. Whether through a culinary challenge hidden in the ranks of unknown goat recipe or through the bright colors of painted eggs, almost everyone strives to create a unique holiday decoration. An interesting and very beautiful idea is to decorate the Easter eggs with the help of colored yarns or fibers. In essence, the technique is similar to those already described Easter basket и sofa lamp, in this case the basis is an empty egg shell, which is coated with textile fibers by winding.

Easter eggs decorated with thread or yarn

Select multicolored threads, fix the beginning of the fiber with the help of a drop of glue or silicone on the top of the egg (on one of the holes). Using a brush, apply a layer of glue to the entire top third or half of the shell. You can use water-soluble (C200) or acetone adhesive. Begin winding methodically, spiral after spiral, covering the surface tightly. For more artistry, use more than one color of thread, each one starting from where the previous one ends. Fix the start and end points of each color with instant glue. When you turn the whole shell let it dry and start decorating the next one.