We bring you some unique ideas for your beautiful Easter eggs.

The decoupage technique provides the opportunity for a new method and way of decorating eggs for Easter. As we know, the materials needed are a brush, beautiful wipes, and a harmless water-based adhesive *. The top layer of the napkin is used. Tear off or cut out the item you have chosen, cover the egg with a layer of glue and attach the piece of napkin. Then cover with another layer of glue to penetrate the napkin and glue the part well. You can continue gluing until it acquires a beautiful finished look. If you want to be truly unique on the holiday, add different decorations - delicate elements cut from lace to remind of retro romance and chic, tie a thin ribbon or rope in the middle and place as a gift for guests. Use all kinds of stones and crystals as an accent in the ribbon or lace. For shine, you can cover several places with brocade powder mixed with glue. Make nests of willow twigs and arrange the eggs in them. Be sure to decorate with fresh spring flowers.

* We offer you the easiest recipe for harmless glue when decoupage on cooked eggs for consumption:

You separate the protein into a raw egg and add a tablespoon of sugar to it and beat, but not until it gets too thick. There is some liquid left under the foam and this is your glue. Apply with a brush to a piece of cloth. You wait for it to dry and then you can apply another coat of gloss. It is!

If you decide to decouple on an empty egg shell, you can use an 200 glue or a special decoupage glue from an art supplies store.