The idea of ​​a one-storey house with stone and wood decorations on the facade shown is similar and almost identical to the one already presented One-storey sunny house with four bedrooms and a nice veranda. The differences are only in the way the bedrooms are located. While in the first home, the parent's room is on the side of the front door and the front yard respectively, in the second one it is located in the place of two of the children's rooms - with an exit to the porch and back yard. The children's bedrooms are reciprocally placed in her place. Everything else is the same - to the right of the entrance hall is a warehouse and / or boiler room with a window. To the right of the corridor is a corridor that connects the living room and all rooms in the home. Opposite is the door to a nice, richly glazed bathroom with a bathtub and toilet that caters for the living room and three of the rooms. The master bedroom still has a walk-in closet and a private bathroom with shower. One of the small rooms / bedrooms does not change position. To the right is the living room with a kitchen and a closet to it. The kitchen is separated into a separate area by a countertop and also has a window above the sink. The dining room and living room are in this open area and have large bright doors and windows to the yard, again in two directions. The living room and two of the rooms have a common veranda, but the facade of this home is decorated with stone and wood, which create a different look, creating even more a sense of rustic-pastoral idyll.

House layout:

1. hall - 4.9m²; 2 Corridor - 13,9m²; - 10,4m²; 4.dayroom + dining room - 28m²; 5.state - 14,5m²; 6.state - 11,3m²; 7.state - 10,5m²; 8.state - 10,1m²; 9.bathroom - 6.6m²; 10.bathroom - 3.6m²; Wardrobe - 11m²; 3.6.killer - 12m²; 2,4 warehouse / boiler room - 13m².

Living space: 126,2 m²

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