This project of a one-storey wooden house with a brick facade, 3 bedrooms and a swimming pool shows how, thanks to modern technologies in construction, a home can be built quickly, qualitatively, with massive vision and high energy performance. On a building area of ​​155sq.m. and useful living of 130sq.m. there are three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a spacious living room with a kitchen. The structure is divided into two bodies, one of which has a double-skinned roof and shelters the living area, and the other is single-skinned, below which are the sleeping quarters. The entrance hall, lobby and corridor are the connecting volumes. The bedrooms are small, except for the parents' room, which has its own bathroom and dressing room. Interestingly, from the entrance hall you can enter the kitchen area and the opposite door is to the boiler room. The kitchen is partially separated from the dining room by zoning with barplot, and there is a private closet. From the living room leads to a terrace in front of the pool in the backyard.

The clean white facade with brick decorations and wooden windows adds style and charm to this beautiful house, and the beautifully landscaped yard adds to the overall feeling of comfort.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st entrance - 6.8m²; 2. boiler room - 4.7m²; 3. entrance hall / corridor - 6.5 m4; 2.2. WC - 5m²; 11.0. corridor - 6m²; 15.0. bedroom - 7m²; 4.3. wardrobe - 8m²; 4.1. bath - 9 m9.3; 10. bedroom - 9.7m²; 11. bedroom - 6.2m²; 12.bathroom - 35.1m²; 13. everyday life - 13.5m²; 14. kitchen - 2.2m²; XNUMX.killer - XNUMXm².

Built-up Area: 155m²
Living space: 130m²
Ridge height: 5.66m
Roof slope: 16 °

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