This is a great project of a wooden one-storey house with three bedrooms and a garage, and a wonderful layout of the surrounding space. On a flat living area of ​​106 square meters, under one roof there is a living room with a kitchen separated by sliding doors, three bedrooms, a bathroom with a toilet and a separate one, a wardrobe, service rooms. The garage is structurally connected to the house, and there are three approaches to it - the central car entrance, from the house and from the backyard.
From the living area comes out a lovely spherical terrace with brick decorations, under which is built a large decking platform. Terrace with bricks, as an approach to construction and landscaping, is also observed on the other side of the dwelling.

Internal distribution of the house:

1st entrance - 3.6m²; 2. boiler room - 3.2m²; - 10.1m²; 4.killer - 1.0m²; 5.WC- 2.2m²; 6. living room + dining room - 37.3m²; 7. bedroom - 10.0m²; 8. bedroom - 12.1m²; 9. wardrobe - 4.8m²; 10.stand -7.6m²; 11.bathroom - 6.2m²; 12. Corridor - 3.9 m13; 3.1. storage room - 14m²; 7.6. corridor with entrance hall - 15 m29.4; XNUMX. Garage - XNUMXm².

Living space: 106.40m²
Building height: 5,60m

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