Garden tables are an indispensable place for family or friendly gatherings on warm nights. Whether for a casual conversation, afternoon barbecue, dinner, or just sit together for a glass of beer or wine under the open sky, this outdoor furniture is a must-have exterior. If you make it yourself you will have a unique and the present idea will add new functionality to its main purpose. The implementation will combine the ice bowl with the serving area. The idea is applicable to both low and standard dining tables.

Method of production:

Garden table with fridge

This proposal can be realized with a new table already available or specially made. The main requirement is that the top is made up of parallel boards. Since there are a number of design details that are important, we will not make many specific recommendations here, but we advise you in the absence of sufficient knowledge and experience to consult a specialist. Essentially, the implementation is easy - cut out as much of the hob as is shaped like an ice container. A bed is made in which the selected container can be placed and a cover is made from the cut details. For the ice container, the most ordinary flower boxes can be used. Using two pots placed in each other for each hole in the table will form an air insulation layer between their walls and allow the ice to melt more slowly. When there are no drinks to cool, the lids are put back in place and the table returns to its original appearance.