Natural materials are a very good option for making different decorations in the yard and making a garden mosaic with river stones is a great opportunity for this. Such a mosaic is mainly used for the artistic design of alleys and paths, but it can find application in a number of other ideas for exterior space. Because river stones can vary in very wide ranges, such as colors, shape and size, if you manage to get more, the possibilities for creative expression become unlimited.

One possible approach is to pre-create mosaic tiles with a definite circular, square, diamond, rectangular, polygonal or other shape. For this purpose, a mold is needed in which to arrange the composition of pebbles and solder with the construction mixture, and after tightening to arrange in a prepared place in the garden. In this way, better planning can be achieved and implementation will be divided into small steps and easier, and additional elements and materials will be added to the compositions.

Another method for realizing such an idea is by designing the entire arrangement area and the gradual construction of the mosaic. This allows the use of large rock fragments and gives more freedom for creativity, and the use of brazing mixtures may be dispensed with if the trimming on the tamped and prepared base is well done.