Making a garden barbecue from an old boiler is a complex task that requires skill and experience in metalworking, but a masterful performance will turn an unnecessary iron vessel into a beautiful and functional garden item. Unlike most barbecue barbecues sold, with the idea of ​​self-made craftsmanship, the considerable thickness of the boiler body makes it possible to achieve an end result that rivals that of the highest class barbecues. The care and patience of the finishing details is also very important for the final look, but functionality is at the heart of this idea.

Way of implementation:

Garden BBQ from an old boiler
Making such a barbecue takes many steps, requiring time and specific skills, so we will only mark some of them. First of all, as we have always said is planning. If you have an old boiler you should think carefully about all the steps - from the first cut to the last weld. Good cleaning of the old iron is a must, as well as the removal of all unnecessary parts. Part of this work concerning the interior of the vessel is done after the sections for the opening wings are made. They should, in turn, be as precise as possible, since the future isolation of the combustion chamber will depend to a large extent. In this case, one of the existing connections (after cutting the flange) is also used to install a chimney with a valve. At the bottom, evenly spaced openings are drilled, and by installing two slides with a sliding plate between them, an external valve is provided to regulate the air through these openings. All other existing openings are properly welded or sealed. Plates are secured to the doors by means of rivets, which "pick up" the empty space obtained from the cuts. Hinges are fitted at the rear and handles at the front. This way, the combustion chamber can be used both as a furnace and to some extent as a smoker. After the barbecue doors are installed, it is desirable to put a stop in the back of the boiler to lock them to a certain opening level. The barbecue itself must be welded to a prefabricated frame, painted and the additional elements and accessories fitted.