This wonderful project of a one-storey brick house with 4 bedrooms, a garage and an attic, demonstrates how the optimization of the volumes can turn a not so big home into a building with many useful areas. The floor can be divided into day, night and service area. The living room with dining area and kitchen are on one side, and the garage and the boiler room - on the other. Between them are the bedrooms, bathroom and separate, as well as other areas. All rooms in the house are connected, and the volume of the living room is increased to the roof level, while above the rest is an intermediate ceiling. A staircase opposite the entrance hall leads to this additional useful attic volume.

The facade is designed in a combination of large light openings, gray bricks and gray roof, as well as wooden elements and cladding. Large glass doors lead from the living room to the pergola-covered side terrace, and skylights provide natural light at the attic level as well.

Internal distribution of the house:
1st entrance - 4.05m²; 2nd room - 6.72m²; 3. bath - 6.12m²; 4. room + wardrobe - 13.10m²; 5. Warehouse / intermediate room - 3.16 m6; 5.51. corridor - 7m²; 8.23. foyer - 8m²; 35.08. living room + dining room - 9m²; - 10m²; 2.67. auxiliary room - 11m²; 1.17.killer - 12m²; 2.28. toilet - 13 m10.80; 14.stay - 10.80m²; 15.stay - 7.00m²; 16. Warehouse / boiler room - 20.27m²; XNUMX. Garage - XNUMXm².

Total: 148.96m²

Attic level: 1. attic - 20.03m² (39.91m²); 2. mezzanine - 10.23 ym² (18.94m²); - 13.5m²; 3. free volume above the living room.

Total usable area: 30.26m²

Living space: 118.51m²;
Roof slope: 35 °

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