The garden table can have many practical applications, but here we will discuss the idea of ​​integrated use as a grill dining table. In essence, such an embodiment is identical to that already described idea of ​​a garden table with a refrigerator, and this allows the same furniture to be used with fire and ice. The only prerequisite for grilling charcoal containers and their grills is to have good insulation or spacing to prevent the wood from burning.

If you decide to pursue this idea yourself, we recommend mandatory expert advice and design assistance.

The idea itself is simple and allows for a quick transformation of a simple garden table into a multifunctional one. Although the workmanship is the same as the garden table with iceboxes, there are some important details here that relate to the temperature developed by the grill. Therefore, installing an insulating edge at the edge of the opening is advisable, as is the use of metal in a number of parts that need to be well thought out and precisely implemented. The end result, however, allows for the personal commitment of the feeder.